Golden Sun Films Group was formerly known as Golden Sun Film Company Limited. It was first established in 1972 by a well-known actor and film producer Mr. Lan Tien Hong (William) in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Mrs. Lan Ketsarinh joined Golden Sun in 1989 to assisted Mr. Lan to expand the company's business.  

Mrs. Lan Ketsarinh (as known as Mrs. Lan) is the chairman of Golden Sun Films Group. She is a film distributor and producer in Hong Kong's film industry. She starts in overseas distribution experience. She has established a professional international distribution network with distributors around the world since 1992. She often attends film festivals around the world like Cannes Film Festival, Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF), Milan Film Festival (MIFED), American Film Market (AFM), HKFilmart, etc. She invested and produced more than 20 films.

In 2008, Golden Sun Films Group cooperated with Ningxia Film Studio to produce "Painted Skin", which was the third-largest box office for domestic blockbusters in mainland China at that time. The film exceeded 200 million yuan at the box office for 19 days. "Painted Skin" won the 13th China Huabiao Awards for Outstanding Co-productions, and was shortlisted for the 28th Hong Kong Film Award for Best Film, and won five Golden Rooster Awards nominations, popular film Hundred Flowers Award, etc.  In 2009, she set up Golden Sun Century (Beijing) Multimedia Co. Ltd. in Beijing which is mainly engaged in foreign investment and co-production distribution network, include “ My Swordsman Dream ”, “ A Chinese Ghost Story”, “Yes, Madam”, “ The Choice”, animate cartoon“Ocean Afar” etc.

Golden Sun Films Group has more than 500 classic titles in our library which is one of the largest film libraries in Hong Kong. We have exchange copyrights and re-make rights with China, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, Europe, North America, etc. In terms of cultural communication, Golden Sun Films Group continues the development in different directions, such as film adaptation, development of online film and television projects (internet movies, online TV series, etc.), development of games, theme parks, etc. With the development of increasingly sophisticated Internet technology, Mrs. Lan leads Golden Sun Films Group to catch up with the era. Rely on our professional knowledge and experience to integrate the film industry with the mobile internet, and promote the development of the film and television information industry.

Besides, Mrs. Lan Also joins social activities to promote the importance of copyright infringement. Since 2008, she serves as a permanent member of the "Hong Kong Motion Picture Industry Association (MPIA)". She also is the consultant of the “ Cross-Strait Peace Development Union (CSPDU)”, the vice-chairman of “ China Film Association (Hong Kong Branch)”, and the permanent director of “The Federation of Motion Film Producers of Hong Kong” to promote the positive development of China's cultural industry with film and television project.