Golden Sun Films was first established in 1972 by a well-known film producer Mr. Lan Tien Hong in Taiwan. In 1976, due to the company expansion, it developed into Golden Sun Films Group. Golden Sun Films had been moved its head office to Hong Kong in 1989.


Golden Sun is a worldwide film production and distribution group based in Hong Kong which managed by our president and producer, Mrs. Ketsarinh Lan. Through her dedication and management, Golden Sun now stands for high quality and professional the film industry.


Golden Sun Films Group offers various services, including film production, co-production, investment, distribution and purchase and sale of film rights. Our films and television series of various genre come from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, Singapore and are sold and distributed worldwide especially to Indonesia, Taiwan and Thailand. Our film library stocks more than 500 popular and classic film titles in action, horror, comedy, romance, mystery and legend genres. We also purchase new films on a regular basis to add to our library.


In 2009, we have set up a subsidiary company called “Golden Sun Century” in Beijing China, at the same time Golden Sun has produced a comedy action called “The Swordsman Dream”. Then in 2010, we had produced a new version of “A Chinese Ghost Story. Golden Sun will keep on producing many more high quality and entertaining films and television series in the next few years.


Golden Sun participates in various film festivals and markets every year. We have a professional sales team and an integrated and global film rights in our film library and distribution network. Our vast business network and extensive resources enable us to acquire the latest market information and stay on the top of the industry.


In 2014, Mrs. Ketsarinh Lan, the chairman of Golden Sun Films Group, is proud to be appointed as the head of organizing committee of the 57th Asia-Pacific Film Festival which is one of the most established and important international film festivals over half of the century. At the same time, Mrs. Lan was one of the permanent Director of Hong Kong MPIA.


In the future, Mrs. Lan leading Golden Sun Film Group to prepare a large- scale historical fantasy movie project called “The Great Zheng He” Trilogy, which is co-produced by China and United States. Golden Sun will partner with well-known Hollywood studios and top studios in China to invest this project. The budget for each movie production is 60 million U.S. dollars. Mrs. Lan will be the Chief Producer of this project.